principles and objectives of page design in news paper and magazine

page make-up design in newspaper

Another name for page design is page planning, Make up is the arrangement of all the elements of newspaper page. The desk-man is responsible for the make up of the newspaper he ensures the proper make up of the news paper. He is responsible for the placement of all the elements in and adverts paid for in the news paper advert space created.

Elements of page design in news paper are:

Name plate: It is the name and logo of the news paper, it id written very boldly on the upper part of the front and editorial page of the news paper.The domain sheet (A3 paper size) is used to plan or make up a news paper page.

Folio: it is the thin roles below the headline, which contains the date, volume, numbers and perhaps the address of the news paper  and price of the newspaper.

The lead story: it contains the headline most significant and most important story of the edition.

Photography: it is another elements of beautification (aesthetics)

Bullets: bullet are thick circle or square used to itemize point in a story and used to decorate the page.

Blurbs: are paragraphs set distinctively to introduce a new story.

Quotes: it is an important section of a story directed attributed to a source meant for emphasis or decoration.

Body text: the types used in setting the body of a story.

caption: this is a description or words that accomplish a picture.

Objectives of page design in newspaper and magazine

Aesthetics: to achieve attraction.

Balance: placing elements of equal weight on the opposite side of a page. The need for balance on the newspaper arises from the fact that human eyes feels uneasy when elements on one side outweigh those on the other side.

Contrast: The principle of contrast requires that elements on the page should differ from one another, the reason for this is to avoid monotony.

Proportion: Refers to the relationship between the element on a page. The desk-man consider the relationships in size quantity and number, he then places bigger elements with smaller one on a page.

Unity: The principle of unity is essential because different different elements must applies wholesome on a page, in essence the desk-man should ensure he achieve coherence in the placement of the element. The page must be planned to achieve a total design concept. page make-up is characterized by pattern of eye movement.

style of page make-up design

The style of the arrangement of the elements will determine the pattern of eye movement.

Vertical page make-up design: It is a single column style in which the body text run from top to down such that where a story ends another begins. It is the oldest style used by the old, eyes moves up and down.

Horizontal page make-up design: The horizontal style was designed to break down the boredom of the vertical style, it involves setting materials of a page side by side thereby creating eye movement from left to right.

Focus/Brace: it is style in which a large banner headline dominate the page then relating to other minor headline. It create the look of a King surrounded by his subjects in which there is much focus on the King.

Circus: This is the opposite of focus, it is designed, styled that involve certain headlines in big setting not necessary the same size but in sizes that are not too different. This is to ensure that minor headlines do not contest for attention to major headline.

Modular: This is a square or rectangular style in which elements are placed along the four corners of the page. The page planner imaginary divides the page into four unit and places element of equal weight in each unit thereby achieving balance in weight and eye movement.

Magazine style: This is commonly used in magazine but has been invented in newspaper production due to the application of the computer software. It is an attractive and modern style that involves striking contrast among the element of a page through the use of colour. It uses full colours to set element, display large picture, bullet, quotation, and other graphics devices, this style is adopted in weekend newspaper but it’s common and visual magazine production.





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