Extraordinary Virtual Sculptures Show the Power of Public Art

The popular sculptor Artist Ken Kelleher joins his training as a sculptor , with his ability in UX design to make hyper realistic projections of open sculpture. Kelleher enables his creative ability to run free, setting contemporary sculptures everywhere from Venice’s busy St. mark’s Square to moderate interiors. Working with various series, Kelleher produces three-dimensional renderings that give potential customers a glance at the art work that could decorate any given condition.

Kelleher’s relationship with extensive scale sculpture began when he was in art school, where he created pieces up to 30 feet tall, making the school put a limit on the dimensions students could produce. In the virtual world, he’s ready to analyze rapidly and see how his creative vision blends into any environment. The outcomes are effective to the point that it’s regularly hard to accept we’re not looking at completely realized, physical sculptures.

For Kelleher, working this way enables his artistic production to stay aware of his creative thoughts. As opposed to going through five to ten years on the production of a single piece, technology enables him to quicken the whole process.

“Looking at the situation objectively, making art in this way is problematic. It upsets art in a similar way that, say, Airbnb disturbed hospitality, or Uber disturbed transportation,” Kelleher shares with worldartreview. “technology exists today which didn’t previously, and like every single new tools, when artists utilize new tools and technologies, new ways are created and development flourishes. We’re in a culture today of innovation, and all around you can see how artists reflect that and extend on it. Notwithstanding using my models to make created pieces, they can likewise be extended into new mediums and new venues. I can project them as multi dimensional images during an art event, they can be used in AR, they can be printed, cast in bronze, or printed on archival paper.”

By opening the doors and grasping this new technology, Kelleher essentially extends his possibilities as a artist. His public sculptures, in their virtual form, permit Kelleher to push the breaking points of what’s possible and open the creative energy of the public. At the point when not before the computer, the artist still produces sculptures in his studio. Along these lines, the virtual work basically enhances his physical production, rather than taking away from it.

Since these renderings have provoked such a positive public reaction, Kelleher has been invited to submit proposal for public sculptures in Italy and Portugal. He’s likewise turned in proposal for a piece at Oman’s airplane terminal and has been invited by Nike to deliver an Augmented Reality installation for a forthcoming event. Gradually, but surely, Kelleher is mergin his virtual and physical worlds.

Sculptor Ken Kelleher creates incredibly realistic, thought-provoking renderings of public sculptures.

Ken-Kelleher-CarolynSong Ken-Kelleher-Curvy


Ken-Kelleher-Looper Ken-Kelleher-Quicksilver Ken-Kelleher-Velocity-1 Ken-Kelleher-Boomba Ken-Kelleher-Bigfoot Ken-Kelleher-Asterix Ken-Kelleher-Agark

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