Steve Irwin’s 15-Year-Old Son Is Already a “Most Commended” Photographer

Steve Irwin’s Most Commended” Photograph Steve Irwin’s Most Commended” Photograph

Consistently, London’s famous Natural History Museum has its yearly Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Welcome to photographer “young, old, expert or novice,” the challenge showcases work by applicant from various backgrounds. This year, this age-comprehensive competition finished in honors for Robert Irwin, the young child of Steve Irwin, the late “Crocodile Hunter.”

Irwin’s photo, The Catch, has been chosen as a “Most Commended” photograph among the opposition’s “11-14 Years Old” category. Striking in colour, composition, and subject matter, the piece reveal a frog being devoured by a spider. It took Irwin half a month to catch the shot, which is as remarkable as it is uncommon.

“I went through multi month visiting a remote swamp in northern Queensland to get this shot of a huntsman spider eating up a frog and was exceptionally delighted that it is one of the main occasions this has been recorded,” he wrote on Instagram. Without a doubt, this persistence and steadiness were inspired by his dad, who is known for his devotion to reporting his animal experiences. “He always carried his camera with him on his travels and shot some awesome wildlife,” Robert disclosed to My worldartreview.

Before the achievement of The Catch, Irwin had already achieved a great deal as a teenage photographer. Recently, his work was respected by the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards. His photographs are likewise consistently published in Australian magazines and auctioned for a huge number of dollars—which is all given toward preservation endeavors.

Robert Irwin was only two years old when his famous father Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb in a freak incident.

And the late Crocodile Hunter’s son Robert Irwin is growing up fast, and looks more like the Australian icon with each passing year.

Appearing on the Today show on Thursday, the 14-year-old joked that his mother Terri Irwin was feeding him well as he entered his adolescent years.

Steve tragically died of a stingray barb while filming a documentary in 2006 in Queensland’s Batt Reef, leaving behind Robert, his daughter Bindi and wife Terri to continue his legacy and manage Australia Zoo.

To follow Irwin’s blooming photography profession, be to stop by his website.

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