Learn Free 6 Popular Knitting Stitches From This YouTube Videos

Searching for a long lasting craft? Knitting is a leisure activity that anybody can learn and enjoy, regardless of their age. With some essential materials and a little guidelines, even knitting learners can make their own scarf. (Also a lot of handmade gifts!) The craft is viewed as relaxing and even meditative, so it’s no big surprise why numerous individuals are hooked after finishing only one project.

Knitting has a few essential stitches—knit and purl—that are easy to master. But beyond those two, there are a lot more methods available to learn. Advanced approaches, especially the more beautiful stitches like the Chevron Lace, require knowledge of “increments and decreases,” and in addition knitting two stitches together.

While advanced techniques might seem daunting, it’s an aspect of the craft that gives it longevity in our lives. Eventually, knitting scarf after scarf would get old. By continually challenging ourselves to stitch complex projects, it ensures we’ll never tire of picking up knitting needles. Plus, it’s always fun to wear something that you made.

In case you’re new to this timeless activity and need a guide, look no further than the caring people on the internet. Knitting is a craft that is easy to teach yourself, and by watching free YouTube recordings, you can take in all you have to know to begin (and beyond). Pause, rewind, and re-watch the tutorials many times over and, at last, try the stitches for yourself. Read the comments for other helpful tips, and don’t get discouraged on the off chance that you can’t get a technique on the first attempt. Knitting is easy to learn but few individuals ever get beyond the fundamental stitches. Nevertheless, if you stay with it, you’ll soon be finishing your own pair of socks—a standout amongst the most difficult projects you can try.

Before you plunge into the depths of YouTube, we’ve compiled a list of different types of knitting stitches to learn. After you’re done, check out these patterns you can download and start right away.

Learn This Free 6 Popular Knitting Stitches From This YouTube Videos


The knitting and purl stitches can be found on patterns of all skill levels.

You’ll also want to know how to cast-on and cast-off to begin and end a project, respectively.

And don’t forget how to weave in the ends of your yarn:


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