Amanda C. Marino: Artist Catches the Magic of the Cosmos in Visually Textured Watercolor Paintings

Brazilian artist Amanda C. Marino was influenced by the marvels of the night sky when creates lovely watercolor painting of the moon, stars, and the planets of our solar system. Twirling universes are rendered in delicate watercolor washes and dappled white pigment, while alien world and lunar craters are detailed in a myriad of cosmic hues.

Many of Marino’s realistic planet paintings feature carefully painted details, highlighting their rocky or gassy surfaces. Other, more surreal works explore the similarities between space and the sea—Majestic whales are depicted gliding through glittering celestial skies and jellyfish float through deep space. “My paintings […] often erase the lines between the real and unreal; the known and the unknown,” reveals Marino. “I believe in art that tells a story and I hope to share a little bit about my story through [my work].”

Brazilian artist Amanda C. Marino creates beautiful watercolor paintings of the moon, stars, and the planets of our solar system.

Each delicate artwork captures the magic of the night sky.

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