Illustrator shows little one’s doodle inventions to life

Could these innovative thoughts improve the world?

In the event that you could make an invention that would improve the world a better place, what might it be? Dull old adult would most likely prepare something frightfully sensible like a water purifier or a nuclear missile deterrent. But when The UK Domain asked primary school kids to doodle their thoughts, they came up with some superbly creative and imaginative contraptions.

These inventions, including a Gun Sucker Inner and a Rubbish Eater that poops trees, have been turned into polished illustrations by The UK Domain. We love that these doodles show that you don’t need to know how to draw or think like an adult to come up with brilliant ideas.

What’s more, in spite of the fact that these manifestations may appear to be whacky on the surface, they’re not very far off real life invention. Take Olly the Ocean Organizer, planned by Daisy, aged 9. Furnished with sensors that detect ocean rubbish and a propellor on its head to fly about, this machine is like the non-benefit Ocean Cleanup organisation, which uses advanced technology to dispose plastic in the world’s oceans.

Check out the doodles and the illustrations they inspired by the image galleries below.

“It’s fascinating to see the creative and often thoughtful way that children see the world,” says Helen Tomes, the director of marketing at The UK Domain. “We wanted to give the founders of tomorrow a platform to show us what they think of the world today.”

Maybe we could all take some inspiration from these drawings and start letting our imaginations run loose when coming up with problem-solving concepts for clients? Have a look at the full selection of inventions by heading over to The UK Domain’s Future Founders page.

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