Where to discover logo design inspiration

You’ve quite recently taken another brief from another client and now you’re sitting at your work area trusting that inspiration will strike. Do you truly expect the ideal logo design to spring up, fully formed, in your mind? On the off chance that you do, you could be in for a long wait.

Rather, it’s dependent upon you to search out logo design inspiration. If you let a wide variety of ideas collide inside your brain, bit by bit they ought to mix into the logo you’re searching for. The trick is knowing where to search for inspiration in the first place.

suggestions of places you can look for logo design inspiration, but note that this can never be an exhaustive list because inspiration can come from anything, anywhere, any time.

01. Logoed

Where to discover logo design inspiration

Logoed is a single-page archive that’s sole purpose is to present beautiful logo designs. Its simple vertical scroll makes it simple and easy to navigate, and as you move down the page more projects are automatically loaded onto the screen. Simply click on each thumbnail for more information on each project and a wider selection of images.

02. Logospire

Where to discover logo design inspiration

Logospire takes a similarly simple, infinite vertical scroll format and pares it back even further, offering just a single image and a link to the designer’s website. Without any other clutter, it’s easy to spot the logos that stand out for you.

03. Brand New

Where to discover logo design inspiration

Brand New is part of graphic design platform behemoth Under Consideration, and offers information on logo design trends, showcases imagery and offers advice on great logo design. It also offers critiques of the latest logo designs.

04. LogoLounge

Where to discover logo design inspiration

LogoLounge (at the time of writing) offers a whopping 277,237 different logo designs to peruse. The site was created for designers to offer an efficient reference library and also facilitates discussions around related topics and the chance to share ideas and concepts with peers and clients.

05. Logo Moose

Where to discover logo design inspiration

Logo Moose has a daft name, and an ironically daft logo. However, it’s a helpful no-nonsense online logo design inspiration community, which showcases work from professional designers worldwide. Designers can submit their own logo designs to be showcased and take advantage of the platform’s possibilities for critique and feedback.

06. Logo Design Love

Where to discover logo design inspiration

Logo Design Love is a site and book from graphic designer David Airey. Unlike some of the more overwhelming logo inspiration sites out there, the platform is thoughtfully laid out and showcases newer works alongside classic designs by the likes of Adrian Frutiger, Cruz Novillo and Paul Rand. Its considered content offers opinions, insight and news on everything logo-related, from celebrating the past to commenting on the contemporary.

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