A Pregnant Entrepreneur

A Pregnant Entrepreneur
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Many of you have asked where have all of my posts gone! First, thank you to all my readers. It is really great to know that my writing has impacted so many of you. So, here is my explanation for my missing year: I had a baby!

Really, that is no excuse, as the world keeps turning even when an entrepreneur is pregnant. However, when I found out I was having a baby I decided to take a step back from looking for new clients and just focus on the ongoing projects we had, namely the Hispanic Choice Awards, while I prepared for motherhood.

Pregnancy; what a ride. I was definitely treated differently. People gave up their seats on the subway (90% of the time,) strangers would often stop me to encourage me or ask how far along I was, and of course, I didn’t worry very much about calories so I had as many grilled cheeses and chocolate chip cookies as I wanted. In addition to killer backaches and the whole 30-pound+ weight gain thing, there were some less than appealing parts of pregnancy as well. I was in a few meetings where I seemed to be stared at lovingly as if the child I was carrying was actually sitting at the table- very strange. At the gym and at the pool, I got cold glares as if somehow I was no longer permitted tin these spaces. I also had a few people make the assumption that I would no longer be running my business. I found that a little disconcerting. I imagine that the assumptions that people vocalize about a pregnant woman are only have as scary as the ones they keep to themselves.

I thought pregnancy would derail my plans for business and hurl me into a whirlwind of a baby-focused worries about the future. The truth is while I did take a step back from the daily grind, pregnancy (and subsequent motherhood even more) has actually pulled me closer to wanting to succeed at entrepreneurship. Having already spent years working from home, I am more present to the immense privilege it is to stay at home watching my baby grow while doing what I love. I also daydream about the day I get to tell my child about the early years of my small business when he was just an infant and I made it work. While the challenge is even greater, my motivation for going after my dream feels stronger now than ever and my vision bigger- plus one.

I’m back and really am better than ever.

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