Discovering My Calling

discovering My Calling

I’ve always said that my formal education distanced me from my first love, art.

Up until I was about 15, I was absolutely certain that I would be an artist; all I ever wanted to do all day every day was draw. I actually almost attended La Guardia High School, the top art school in NYC. Then, after getting a full ride, I decided to go to a private school instead in Massachusetts. After that, I went to UPenn and, well, it isn’t exactly known for churning out Picassos.

I don’t regret going away but there has always been a part of me that wondered what if… What if I would have pursued the only thing that I loved as a child? This journey with entrepreneurship has helped me realize that in actuality, I did. I never left art because art never left me.

The real beginning of this road: I have remained in artistic realms my entire life. In high school, I worked part-time in my school’s catering department as a server for Trustee dinners. Sure, it was easy cash, but there was something about the fancy events that excited me. I loved the layout of every piece of silverware, the placement of the dishes, and the tuning of the lighting to strike just the right ambiance. It was a medley of precision and careful attention to detail, just like creating an artistic masterpiece. When I got to Penn, I decided to take up the same part-time gig but this time I was catering conferences, weddings and special guests; larger canvases for more vibrant landscapes. By my senior year, I was enthralled- leading the team of servers, and mapping out all event coordination. By the time I was 25, I was running an entire catering hall where I supervised my own staff and worked with clients in the designing of their events from day one. Up until now, I never saw how this events field quenched my creative thirst. Now, I see that it was the artistic side of it that kept me there all along. This path eventually led me to want to start my own company focusing on events. Now I see that the road to entrepreneurship actually began when I fell in love with art… when I was a child.

Its all art: I am beginning to see that it has been the artist in me that has helped me be successful. As a teacher, creativity was pivotal in successful lesson planning. When I ran a nonprofit education program, my artistic eye and attention to detail allowed me to design unique programs and trips.

Now, in running my own company, I have actually partnered only with other artists and I just realized it. My partner in the Hispanic Choice Awards was in the music industry for years and eats and breathes sounds, beats and melodies. Together, we bring an artistic flair to a classy high-end event, which is what has made it so popular. My ScissorCandy team is made up of free-spirited stylists with whom I create imaginative beauty experiences unlike any other event in the industry. The performing artist I am working with also brings out the artist in me every time we map out creative strategies for video shoots, performances, marketing and exposure.
It is all art!

Takeaway: It seems that if we examine our lives closely, decisions, predilections, tastes and patterns from the past speak to us. Our true loves, passions and, perhaps, callings, begin to emerge. I am surprised to discover that the path here has been a natural evolution from loving to draw. Before, it seemed disjointed, haphazard, whimsical even. Even my decision to run my own company was, at least I thought, a chance to do something new and different. Now I see that there has been an underlying pattern all along; an almost silent rhythm that has kept my life in tune with the artist in me. It’s pretty fascinating and I’m thankful that this road has enabled me to see and feel this beautiful melody.


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