Project Spotlight: ScissorCandy


Right after coming back from Florida on Saturday, I traveled back down to Philly for an event I had on Sunday night. One of the companies I have been working with for about a year now is ScissorCandy®. They are a hair event production team that designs non-competitive shows focused on hairstylists. If you know anything about the hair industry you know that a lot of hair shows tend to focus on beauty product lines, big companies, and/or competition. ScissorCandy was created by young stylists who wanted a hip and edgy way to bring the spotlight back to the passion for the artistry. Its like a independent music label trying to focus on raw, authentic, music without the fanfare and spectacle that big labels tend to add… except that this music label doesn’t want to sign any artists; just showcase their talent.

Background: I connected with ScissorCandy’s CEO, Joseph Berardi, last spring when we were both taking a business development class at Wharton. After talking for a while, we realized that with my experience and passion for events, and his beauty industry expertise, we could make the ScissorCandy venture into something huge. Since then, I have been working with Joe on business development strategies, event production, and overall operations. I have helped the company acquire several new clients and helped them shape their business model into a scalable and profit-generating one.

Sunday’s Event: Picture a classic “open mic” event but instead of singing on stage, performers cut and style hair, and their hair models have no say in what happens (so as not stifle creativity). ScissorCandy’s flagship event, Open Chair™, makes this happen about four times a year in Philadelphia. I have now helped produce six ScissorCandy events and they have all been successful and a lot of fun! For this Open Chair (the company’s eleventh), we executed a combined product launch for Jim Markham’s ColorProof line and the classic Open Chair structure, where eight young stylists had the opportunity to showcase their talent on stage as guests looked on. These unique events have garnered a lot of attention- regionally, nationally and internationally. Over 300 people were in attendance, including a slew of VIP’s from big beauty product companies who were wined and dined in a designated VIP on the second level. People had fun, the stylists were amazing, there was great music and the overall atmosphere was perfect. Check out photos from the event here. It is always so gratifying to see events get better and better, and to help companies grow. On Sunday, we actually also launched ScissorCandy’s first new chapter in Detroit! While Open Chair XI was happening in Philly, Open Chair I was taking place in Detroit- A great step forward for the team. All of this progress and growth is another reminder of how much I truly love what I do. It isn’t just about planning events, its about helping someone realize a dream. ScissorCandy is going to be huge and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

Takeaway: I am learning that a lot of what makes business happen is simply taking chances on ideas that may or may not work. I knew nothing about hair or make-up just a year ago but Joe’s passion for doing something innovative in an industry he loved and knew well was enough for me to feel good about moving forward with him; Another hunch upon which I am so glad I acted.

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