Remembering That I’m Not Crazy

When I first set out on this path, I possessed blind faith that was certain that something big was in store for me. The path has definitely been a memorable one thus far but sometimes that faith can wane. Every day on this journey is filled with new challenges, new questions and new concerns. Finding clients, making student loan payments, planning my future, making time for balance, spirituality and love; it can all be overwhelming. At times I even feel insecure about the work I am taking on– Do I know enough about design to consult people on marketing? Will my music industry experience pigeonhole me into that field for life? When will I be able to hire employees and get office space? Will I ever reach the goals I have set out? That question game is never fun.

I’ve learned to adopt ways to keep my mind at ease and focused on my dream even when it feels so logical to run back to the security of a 9 to 5:
Remember the Alternative: I left working for others because I knew I wanted more. I never felt completely happy reporting to an office and fulfilling on someone else’s dream.When it seems so much easier to go back to that world, I remember that I was there already and the future ahead I have yet to experience.
Read About Success: I don’t know about you but a good feel-good story about a young entrepreneur in the middle of nowhere making it big after a couple of years of eating ramen noodles is all I need to uplift me after a long day of self-doubt and worry.
Write: Everyone needs an outlet; writing is mine. When it is difficult to feel very positive about things, I write. Whether its a tough day at work or just a “I need to work out more” kind of day, I write. There is something about taking those thoughts from a silent voice in my head to the tips of my fingers that takes away all of their power over me.
Create the Future: Whether its a Year 2040 Board on Pinterest, a vision board of magazine clippings or a list on Evernote, I am always encouraged by why I am working so hard by remember why I want all of this– to live my passion, to work around the world, to help my family, to share my story, to vacation where I want, and to live the life I have always dreamed of. When I illustrate that dream in some way, I wipe the sweat and keep at it.
Pray: I’ve often talked about how spiritual this road can be. No matter what your greater power is, prayer helps. I take a quiet moment every day to ask for renewed strength, guidance and energy. It doesn’t always feel better instantly but through the form of a text, email, or stranger, a response never fails. I am always reminded that I’m not crazy.
How do you stay the course? Share your strategies with me!

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