Entrepreneurship is Spiritual


If anyone were to ask me what I have learned in the first part of this full-time entrepreneurship journey, I would say, stay open and think impractically.

Practicality is so stifling!
I am just realizing that every client I have landed and every life-altering moment on this road has been the direct result of surrendering rationale, making impractical decisions and taking actions that make me uncomfortable. Yesterday was a great example of it:

I have a good friend in the music industry who recently got signed. The launch of her new single will be taking place in Miami in a few weeks, in the company of many high-level industry execs and celebrities. She invited me to attend and the first thing I started to do was worry calculating the cost of a flight, hotel, meals, cabs, time, new outfit, etc. Now that I don’t have steady income anymore, it didn’t seem to make sense to drop hundreds of dollars on a two-day weekend trip. I spoke to a friend and a stranger about it (I highly recommend talking things out with strangers- it can be so helpful!) and despite all of the reasonable explanations for not spending this money, I decided I would look into flights because of the potential business opportunities that could come from it. Who could I potentially meet? Would a celebrity happen to mention an upcoming project that needs guidance? What if I’m supposed to be there?

Sure enough- after saying, “Eff it. Let’s see what happens,” I found a flight under $250 and just yesterday, I booked it. I told myself that this would not be a vacation; I will finish my website this week. I will get new business cards printed up. I will research all of the executives and celebrities who will be present, so that if we happen to meet at the bar or restroom, I can have something relevant (and not stupid) to say. I stopped panicking and I made sure that at the very least, I would make the most of this whimsical decision.

My friend called me first thing the next morning, today, and explained that her team needs someone to do the strategic planning of the campaign of her single; someone to think long-term about how to build her brand; someone to create a map of how to maximize partnerships with big companies for the next year. She asked if that was something my company could do. That is exactly what my company does. This same afternoon would be the first meeting with one of the most notable liquor brands and marketing agencies around, who are sponsoring her campaign. This meeting, she explained, could serve as a way to meet her team and see if this project was a good fit. Right after the call, I got dressed and headed downtown. In the two hours before the meeting, her team briefed me and without seeming anxious, I tried to retain every single thing I needed to know about a movement that had been underway for over a year.

Minutes after my briefing (after saying a little prayer in the bathroom,) I walked into a meeting with two top marketing and branding executives representing a top music label and rising artist. I showed up like I have been on this project for years. It was truly seamless. I was in my element. We talked business, joked, asked questions, challenged each other and after about 75 minutes, it was over.
I know that this is why I bought that ticket.

In that meeting, I had somehow demonstrated to this team (which included a very well-known manager) that I was exactly right for this project and so… I landed a new client.

Taking a risk has always unveiled something so valuable. Sometimes it has meant getting a new client, other times it has been a powerful life lesson. Yesterday I let go of control, practicality and logic, and today, things fell right into place. Something Greater is in control of this road and now that I have finally embraced this fact by surrendering to it, the outcomes have been beyond my wildest, and comparatively- small, imagination.

Entrepreneurship is spiritual, folks. I’m really digging that.

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