On Self-Discipline


The first few weeks of entrepreneurship have been busy but enjoyable. I have been focusing on building a website, expanding 2 companies I am working with, trying to land a marketing consulting client, developing a social media presence (@CLuxeNYC- follow me!), doing some pro-bono work, and catching up with those parts of my life that took the backseat when I was working two full-time jobs in Philly- family, friends, and spirituality.

There is a lot to do.

It is definitely great having every hour of the day available now to do whatever I want to do but… self-discipline can be… eh, tricky.

There is always something seemingly urgent to do- a load of laundry for clean socks, cook an extra big breakfast, pay bills online, catch up on Hulu episodes, organize my tax paperwork, catch up on that last yummy dream, organize my– you get the picture.

So balance has been the goal so far. I definitely don’t want to get into too strict of a regiment, backslide in a month because of the intensity and then plunge into weeks of unproductivity for recovery. I’ve tried to come up with a few ways to make sure I keep myself on track without creating unrealistic schedules and goals.

Here are some of my strategies so far:

Work Space Hunt: So as to not get used to wearing pajamas and staying in bed (since I don’t “need” to be anywhere in the morning anymore), I decided that I would pick a new location in the city to work most days: a café, tea house, public library or a friend or family member’s home. Oh, I also bought an unlimited Metrocard so that I don’t have to worry about trips adding up.

9-5 Style: So even though I vowed never to have a 9 to 5 again, I’ve spent the last few years accustomed to that bracket. In light of this, I’ve tried to make sure that I am “at work” each day between the hours of 8 and 10am. The end time varies depending on what I’m doing but once I start working on my stuff, I usually don’t want to stop anyway. Another perk of doing what you love 🙂

Balance: As I mentioned, part of my goal for this year is to maintain balance. (So important but so challenging!) I have been trying to build this into my work schedule as well. I’ll set aside one block for web design, another for research, another for ongoing projects, etc. I also make sure that I take breaks, eat regularly, and make at least two social phone calls a day.

We’ll see how this all works. (I picture myself, 3 years from now, reading over this list and laughing hysterically because of how ridiculously naive it was.) ::Shrugs::

Confession: I’m feeling a little nervous that I may be trying to do too much. I’ve definitely been guilty of that many times in the past. I have been praying and that helps. I try to remind myself that this is not a race; that there is no “correct” timeline to follow; and that, ultimately, this is awesome. I hope this doesn’t become harder to remember.

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