Enchanting Illustrations Catch Everyday Moments of Love Between Couples

From the overlooked joys of living alone, to the special bond between people and their dogs, Los Angeles-based artist Yaoyao Ma Van As has a real talent for capturing the intimate moments in life. Self-love is invaluable, but the artist also visualizes how special love with another human being can be. Her charming couple illustrations give a glimpse into the endearing moments of a loving relationship.

From romantic dates nights to sunny days at the park, Ma Van As captures the tender moments couples share together. But her drawings also reveal that relationships aren’t always about grand, romantic gestures. In one illustration, a man looks after his sick girlfriend by feeding her soup in bed, and in another, a couple plays a video game in their pajamas with fast food boxes on the floor nearby. No matter the scene, Ma Van As illustrates that real love is most often expressed behind closed doors, during mundane day-to-day moments.

Los Angeles-based artist Yaoyao Ma Van As’s charming illustrations capture endearing moments between a couple in love.

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