Armed robbers face jungle justice in Adura Alagbado Lagos

The popular area Adura and its community have been in serious unrest as they are being terrorized by some armed robbers. The equipped burglar who are around 20 years of age were on rampage on Saturday (12th of April 2020) subsequent to shooting intermittently as they went into each house in a steady progression.

Worldartreview reported that this happened during the daytime but the dwellers of the community (young men) summoned some courage and came out in masses with different weapon in their hands to safeguard themselves. Their effort was fruitful when they in the long run apprehended 4 of the thieves. The hoodlums were somewhat disfigured by the young men when ojokoro police raged the setting and took away the burglars.

It was also reported that some set of thieves were on rampage on Sunday (29th march 2020) but karma ran out two of the thieves, they were gotten by Adura young men who turned out in huge numbers to defend themselves. The Adura boys caught two of the thieves and were about to set them ablaze when ojokoro police arrive the scene and safeguarded the burglars.

Would it be advisable for us to state the lockdown has contributed hugely to the awful mentality of these young people? Most particularly the lazy ones who can’t extend their future in years to come. In any case, we should attempt not to bring laws into our hands by articulating moment discipline on them once they are trapped in the demonstration. How about we comply with the law by giving them over to the police.

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