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Major Branches Of Ceramics

Generally speaking branches of ceramics are clustered into two categories. These are called “traditional” or “advanced”. The traditional category is generally the one where consumer goods are located. Anything that is used for day-to-day use like dishes, ovenware or other utensils that may be used in a kitchen are the traditional ceramics. When an industry

Method Of Printing On Ceramics

Printing your own images, pictures, designs or text onto ceramics is easier than you might believe. This article will demonstrate two popular techniques that you can use at home to transfer images onto ceramic surfaces like plates, mugs and tiles for instance. Method 1 – Using waterslide papers to print designs onto ceramics This is

America in the World Over The Past 250 Years

America in the World Over the past 250 years, the American colonies have transitioned from being the mere foreign holdings of European superpowers, to being perhaps the preeminent superpower of our own day. From “New World” to world power The G8—the Group of Eight—was founded in 1997 as an international political forum where world leaders

Art Galleries: Top 10 Art Galleries of the World

Art galleries are ideal platform for displaying visual arts, be it painting, sculpture, or photography. Art galleries are a collected culmination of endurance, time, effort, and tastes of many generations, in order to depict the diverse arts and cultures of various ages. Therefore, be it contemporary or traditional Fine Arts, art galleries house all. Promoting

History of Graphic Design

First written word of mankind becomes the start of History of Graphic Design! And its homeland turned into none other than ancient caves and caverns! The first actual symbol they had sketched through cave drawings, painting, markings on boulders, bone, and ivory are the most indication and evidence in which graphic design was born, nursed,

Historical Paintings of Indians

Historical paintings of Indians, From Jahangir’s brushwork miniatures reclining in Mughal fortresses to the soul-stirring masterpieces of M.F. Hussain, India consists of a legendary history of artists and a rich history of painting. Read below and discover extra approximately the records of Indian art work together with some interesting information. Although Historical paintings of Indians

The Evolution of Christian Art

The most common items in this art are the images of Jesus and those from the narrative scenes of his life, images of saints and Virgin Mary, which are more common in the Roman Catholicism than in Protestants. Comparing the three main religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, this sacred art is mostly used in