Fine Arts and Studio Art

Painting, sculpting, and photography – these are only a couple of creative exercises those associated with the fine or studio arts seek after. In case you’re interested on transforming artistic capacity into a vocation, continue perusing to explore educational and professional choices. Inside Fine Arts and Studio Art Studio art, likewise called fine art, is

Liberal Arts College

What Is Liberal Arts College? Let us carefully consider the meaning of both terms ‘Liberal Arts’ and ‘Liberal Arts College’. In the scholarly world, liberal arts generally refer to subjects or skills that mean to give general knowledge and comprise the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, instead of professional or technical subject. A

Two-Dimensional Art: drawing, painting>>>

Two-dimensional art consists of paintings, drawings, graphics and textile design, which differ from each other primarily in the technique of their execution. Probably, our initial response to all four is a response to subject matter–that is, we first notice what the painting, drawing, graphics and textile design is about. Such recognition leads us into the


There is no generally accepted meaning of art. Although art is regularly used to portray something of beauty, or a skill which creates an aesthetic outcome, there is no unmistakable line in principle between (say) a one of a kind piece of handmade sculpture, and a mass-produced yet visually attractive item. We may state that


ART CRITICISM   Learn about Different between Art critics and Art criticism Theory of immitationalism Theory of formalism Theory of institutionalism Theory of Emotionalism Let me say emphatically that “theories of art criticism “are not the same thing as “theories of art”. Both are related in some ways, because they refer to same concepts and