Best social media tips for entreprenuers

Social media can be an incredible way of growing your business. For instance, You might use Twitter to establish your expertise Facebook ads are targetable and help to grow your reach Blogging will keep visitors coming back to your site again and again Emerging networks like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr can help you make your

Though Week

Full disclosure: I want to make sure that I talk about every side of what I am going through here. In the past, i’ve fallen into the trap of hiding vulnerability from the world. That isn’t the purpose of why I started this blog so before I begin packing for this next business trip, I

Why I Did It… The VMA’s

I have had dozens of conversations over the last few weeks with friends, colleagues, mentors and others who are curious about my decision to quit my full-time job after getting two degrees from an Ivy League university and getting a job at the same institution with awesome benefits, free tuition, and travel opportunities. Why did

The Power of Getting Away

As you may have gathered, a lot of what drives me is something like a hunch, a gut feeling, and a little voice that can no longer be ignored. Another one of these feelings led me to take a smaller, less risky, leap even before I announced my departure from my job: booking a trip

Being a Woman

I sort of anticipated this would come up eventually. It has definitely come up in the past; when I was running a catering hall, when I was designing culture-specific events; every time I organize a beauty industry event; when I work with (esp. older) Latino men. My sex has managed to come up, directly or

Labor OR Love?

Can a successful entrepreneur simultaneously sustain a successful relationship? Well?! Don’t expect me to answer! I’m new at this!The bright side: Another part of this road of transition has involved my romantic life. This is the part of entrepreneurship that most of the incubators and SBD resources I have come across don’t talk about. In

Entrepreneurship is Spiritual

If anyone were to ask me what I have learned in the first part of this full-time entrepreneurship journey, I would say, stay open and think impractically. Practicality is so stifling! I am just realizing that every client I have landed and every life-altering moment on this road has been the direct result of surrendering

On Self-Discipline

The first few weeks of entrepreneurship have been busy but enjoyable. I have been focusing on building a website, expanding 2 companies I am working with, trying to land a marketing consulting client, developing a social media presence (@CLuxeNYC- follow me!), doing some pro-bono work, and catching up with those parts of my life that

Project Spotlight: ScissorCandy

Right after coming back from Florida on Saturday, I traveled back down to Philly for an event I had on Sunday night. One of the companies I have been working with for about a year now is ScissorCandy®. They are a hair event production team that designs non-competitive shows focused on hairstylists. If you know

Schmoozing: Why I cannot hate it

I have been learning life lessons at a faster rate as an entrepreneur than ever in my life. My most recent discovery came to me after a recent successful meeting with a potential partner on an account: I always hated the idea of schmoozing, networking or trying to “connect” over cocktails and trite after-work events.