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Fine Art : Still Life Painting

A still life (from the Dutch, stilleven) is a painting presenting an arrangement of lifeless, everyday objects, regardless of whether natural objects (flowers, food, wine, dead fish, and game, and so forth.) or produced items (books, bottles, ceramics, and so forth.). The Tate Museum Glossary puts it compactly, defining the subject of a still life

5 Good-looking Snow Paintings

The Beauty and Wonder of Snow Paintings Take a look at the magnificence of winter with these five good-looking snow paintings. This gathering of snowy scenes demonstrates how unique and interesting a snow-filled scene can be. Many were painted by famous painters you will know, in addition a few of our staff favorites are included.

14 fast approaches to enhance your painting in 2019

Focusing on details could have a major effect to your work. In regards to painting there are numerous aspect to think about while handling an artwork both technical and fundamental. What I don’t regularly find out about are the minor strategies that help lift the art making. In this workshop I’ll concentrate on techniques that aren’t accentuated, especially

Amanda C. Marino: Artist Catches the Magic of the Cosmos in Visually Textured Watercolor Paintings

Brazilian artist Amanda C. Marino was influenced by the marvels of the night sky when creates lovely watercolor painting of the moon, stars, and the planets of our solar system. Twirling universes are rendered in delicate watercolor washes and dappled white pigment, while alien world and lunar craters are detailed in a myriad of cosmic hues. Many

More layered Oil Paintings Visualize Motion and Time Passing in Busy Cities

Highly inspired artwork done by the British artist Clive Head, shows the often dizzying urban environment in his more-perspective oil paintings. From all facet of the hurried commuters on public transport to busy coffee shops, each painting features fractured layers that suggest movements through space and time. Throughout Head’s lengthy career, his style has evolved from traditional

Zhifang Shi: Talented Artist Captures the Charm of Old Asian Towns Just With Watercolour

The talented Shangai-based artist and avid traveler Zhifang Shi, captures his general surroundings in a series of dynamic watercolor sketch paintings. From the thin back roads of Shanghai’s old town to the ancient retail facades of South Korea, each piece catches the authentic charm of the places he visits. Urban watercolor painting is well-known artistic expression among