Photographer Silin Liu (aka Celine Liu) rewrites history by Photoshopping herself some of the world’s most iconic images.

Have you at any point wished you were part of Andy Warhol’s Factory studio inner circle? Or on the other hand maybe you can imagine being closest friends with Audrey Hepburn? If so, you’re not the only one—Chinese photographer Silin Liu (otherwise known as Celine Liu) rewrites history by Photoshopping herself into some of the

Sony Present Compact Mirrorless Camera with astonishing Real-Time Autofocus

The a6400 mirrorless camera has make sony the No 1 leading brand in the global market they’ve introduce most of the technology from their acclaimed full-frame models to this new, compact version. Built with lightning-fast autofocus—Sony claims it’s the world’s fastest—and incredible subject tracking capabilities, the a6400 is a dream for people who love taking action shots. “The

Surrealism: Photographer Uses Personal Experience to Visualize Years of Depression

Photographer Gabriel Isak discovers comfort in the idea of art mimicking life. For quite a long time, it has helped him adapt to misery. Utilizing surreal photography thoughts and a moderate palette, Isak depict singular figures who regularly exist among blue and gray grandiose scenes. Their backs are to the camera—or their faces are generally clouded—to symbolize

Elswick Kids: Tish Murtha’s joyful photographs of children playing in 1970s Britain -worldartreview

At the point when Tish Murtha unfortunately kicked the bucket from a brain aneurysm in 2013, she had to really been been forgotten by the photographic community. Notwithstanding, in 2017, her key work, Youth Unemployment, was distributed to all universal acclaim and was followed by a major retrospective at London’s Photographers Gallery. Tish has now

Tintype Photography: The Vintage Photo Technique That’ is likely to Return

Today we get the moment satisfaction of seeing a photo we’ve recently taken, however the beginning of photography frequently required long introduction times and complex developing techniques before results could be seen. This all changed with the introduction of tintype photography, a procedure that let photographers break out of the studio and begin catching people

Steve Irwin’s 15-Year-Old Son Is Already a “Most Commended” Photographer

Consistently, London’s famous Natural History Museum has its yearly Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Welcome to photographer “young, old, expert or novice,” the challenge showcases work by applicant from various backgrounds. This year, this age-comprehensive competition finished in honors for Robert Irwin, the young child of Steve Irwin, the late “Crocodile Hunter.” Irwin’s photo,