The history of art centers around objects made by human in visual structure for aesthetics reasons. Visual art can be arranged in diverse ways, for example, separating fine arts from applied arts; comprehensively concentrating on human creativity; or concentrating on various media, for example, architecture, sculpture, painting, film, photography, and graphics arts. The history of

Ancient Greek Art

Ancient Greek art is customarily split into the following period: (1) the Dark Ages (c.1100-900 BCE). (2) The Geometric Period (c.900-700 BCE). (3) The Oriental-Style Period (c.700-625 BCE). (4) The Archaic Period (c.625-500 BCE). (5) The Classical Period (c.500-323 BCE). (6) The Hellenistic Period (c.323-100 BCE). unfortunately, about all Greek work of art and a


There is no generally accepted meaning of art. Although art is regularly used to portray something of beauty, or a skill which creates an aesthetic outcome, there is no unmistakable line in principle between (say) a one of a kind piece of handmade sculpture, and a mass-produced yet visually attractive item. We may state that

10 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Quotes That Prove Anything Is Possible will really motivates you

While quite a bit of his prosperity originally began in the wrestling ring, today Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the best names in Hollywood. Obviously, going from six-time WWE heavyweight champion to one of the world’s most generously paid actor, it’s safe to state it took diligent work, inspiration and energy – qualities

Artist Thomas Dambo Sculpts 7 Giant Friendly Trolls to Take Over a Forest in Belgium

Danish recycling artist Thomas Dambo is known for his unbelievable outside sculptures that portray colossal, legendary trolls. For his most recent project, he was authorized by Tomorrowland Festival to change De Schorre park in Boom, Belgium into a charming woodland that seven of his “benevolent goliaths” have asserted as their home. The new establishment of