Discovering My Calling

I’ve always said that my formal education distanced me from my first love, art. Up until I was about 15, I was absolutely certain that I would be an artist; all I ever wanted to do all day every day was draw. I actually almost attended La Guardia High School, the top art school in

My 1st Tour Experience

I just got back from a few weeks of being on the JLo and Enrique “Dance Again” Tour; my first experience of being on the road! My beautiful artist, Starshell, is opening for them; a huge honor! We have only been on for a few weeks but it’s definitely been a very interesting ride! Here

Businesswoman = Bitch

I recently wrote a post about how being a woman plays a role in entrepreneurship. Since writing this, the reality has become more grimly clear. Generally, I am realizing that the men I am coming across categorize women into one of two types: a ditsy, easy slut or an uptight bitch. Thankfully, I think, I

Mediocre Disease

There is something about entrepreneurs that makes us believe that we can do things differently… better. This motivation is what wakes us up at sunrise and keeps us glued to our inboxes, spreadsheets, and phones until after midnight. It is the superhuman energy that provides confidence, humility, relentless drive and minds that race a mile

My Birthday Changed My Business

An Unforgettable Birthday Dedicated to Everyone Else The 360 Retrospective Love Affair As an event planner, coordinating an event for myself is not always appealing. However, my 30th birthday was different; I wanted this to be special! I never would have expected the entire celebration to impact my entrepreneurship road so powerfully. Birthday Girl. I

Money Matters

I have been a full-time entrepreneur for 10 months and while every single project, experience, trip and challenge has been awesome, money matters is an issue sometimes. I’ve never wanted to be driven by money- neither by the constant yearning for more, nor by the obsessive focusing on its insufficiency. A major part of the

Tour Life Part 2: MJB Experience

I have now experienced two national tours featuring musical megastars- Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Mary J. Blige and D’Angelo. What started out as a whimsical decision to do something that could allow for professional growth in a foreign environment, ended up being a challenging, formative and exhausting life experience… and a hell of a story!