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Photographer Silin Liu (aka Celine Liu) rewrites history by Photoshopping herself some of the world’s most iconic images.

Have you at any point wished you were part of Andy Warhol’s Factory studio inner circle? Or on the other hand maybe you can imagine being closest friends with Audrey Hepburn? If so, you’re not the only one—Chinese photographer Silin Liu (otherwise known as Celine Liu) rewrites history by Photoshopping herself into some of the

fine art Lithography printing

Lithography, planographic printing process that makes use of the immiscibility of grease and water. In the lithographic procedure, ink is connected to a grease treated picture on the flat printing surface; nonimage (blank) areas, which hold moisture, repel the lithographic ink. This inked surface is then printed—either directly on paper, by means of a exceptional

Early Life And Career Of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was the child of José Ruiz Blasco, a professor of drawing, and Maria Picasso López. His surprising adroitness for drawing started to manifest itself early, around the age of 10, when he turned into his dad’s pupil in A Coruña, where the family moved in 1891. Starting from there, Pablo’s capacity to try different things with what


ART CRITICISM   Learn about Different between Art critics and Art criticism Theory of immitationalism Theory of formalism Theory of institutionalism Theory of Emotionalism Let me say emphatically that “theories of art criticism “are not the same thing as “theories of art”. Both are related in some ways, because they refer to same concepts and