Zhifang Shi: Talented Artist Captures the Charm of Old Asian Towns Just With Watercolour

The talented Shangai-based artist and avid traveler Zhifang Shi, captures his general surroundings in a series of dynamic watercolor sketch paintings. From the thin back roads of Shanghai’s old town to the ancient retail facades of South Korea, each piece catches the authentic charm of the places he visits.

Urban watercolor painting is well-known artistic expression among many traveling creatives, and Shi has mastered the skill. Rendered in an unmistakably free style and working rapidly to catch fleeting moments, Shi uses black pen to draw out outlines and details before including washes of delicate colour. Every scene feature best light and shadow, bringing the talented artist’s street corner sketches and architectural studies to life.

Urban scenes glow with rows of lanterns, while shop fronts and houses are depicted with potted plants, old shutters, and clothes lines. Shi immortalizes each historical neighborhood in flourishes of ink, many of which may not be around for much longer—in fact, one particular piece is titled The house that is going to disappear.

Zhifang Shi bio

Zhifang shi (Chinese, born.1968) is an influential contemporary artist, and one of the best-known Chinese artist of his generation. Characterized by an intense black and red color palette and references to the Mao era, Shi’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Yang Gallery in Singapore, and the Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, among others.

Shanghai-based artist and avid traveler Zhifang Shi captures the world around him in a series of vibrant watercolor sketch paintings.

shi watercolour

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