Why I Thought 2013 Sucked

Why I Thought 2013 Sucked

People tend to place a lot of significance on the start of a new journey around the sun- a chance to start fresh, commit to those things we’ve been saying we’d do, take chances, take plunges and, of course, lose weight. For the last couple of years, instead of making resolutions like these, I took on annual themes or mantras. In 2012, it was PB&J: patience, balance and Jesus. In 2013, it was faith, service and action. Strangely, however, I hadn’t felt inspired to come up with anything for 2014. In the months leading up to the New Year, I was approaching it as just another few months to work harder, make more cold calls, polish up pitches and hopefully generate more revenue.

After an interesting sermon today, I finally found my mantra for 2014: failure. Yup, failure.
I realized that my apathy was probably an indicator that something else was going on (ain’t it always?) I opened my eyes to my blah attitude toward 2014 and I got present to what I have been avoiding: I have been looking down on my 2013. I have been seeing my year as a failure; I lost a client, gained none, I did not hit the financial goals I set, and I faced rejection many times. Compared to 2012, when I busted into the full-time entrepreneur world with new clients, trips, events around the country and a load of great stories, I saw 2013 as a failure… and as if I were a failure.

Today I was reminded that I have been telling myself an incomplete story about my year. While all of the ‘bad’ things did in fact happen, in 2013, I also ran my first half marathon, I had articles written about me, I attended many beautiful weddings (and assisted with two), I had the honor of speaking at several events, I went on tour with D’Angelo, I began training to be a leader in Landmark- a professional and personal, development and training company, C-Luxe Axiom executed the most successful Hispanic Choice Awards to date and, best of all, I met my soul’s perfect match.
Seems silly that I would call this a failure, doesn’t it?

It’s amazing how consumed by one lens we can become. My view was so focused on comparison and income that I was going into 2014 being small. I’m sure that this kind of skewed assessment leads to unremarkable results all of the time. The reality is 2013 was not a failure. I simply failed at a bunch of things (I still haven’t finished that darn book!)

They say that a good way of never failing is by never doing much. I failed at a lot last year because I was up to a lot. My new goal for 2014 is to fail even more than I did last year. In order to succeed at failing, I will be up to even more and setting even higher goals: double the number of client proposals, train for some ungodly physical activity, shoot for dream clients, finish this book by the spring, etc. Failure will happen and I welcome it. I finally get that is what this road is all about.

I can’t wait to fail big this year.
How will you fail in 2014?

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