The Print Advertising Message

The print advertising media are composed of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, posters and fliers. Essentially, a copy for print advertisement is made up of five main components, each of which plays specific roles in the communication process and supports the central idea of the advertisement. The components of a print advertising copy are the headline,

Advertising and the Creative Process

Creativity is the hallmark of advertising. Advertisements and commercials are produced by a team of creative people namely the copy writers, artists, graphic designers all of who work under the supervision of the creative director. The copy writer is responsible for developing the verbal message of the advertisement, that is, the written and spoken words


Introduction Advertising is a creative process aimed at developing promotional messages about products, services and ideas. The products of the advertising process are advertisements – in the print, outdoor and interactive media – and commercials on radio and television. The process of creating advertising messages involves many activities as well as personnel. This paper introduces

You Can Land a Better Job in Cannabis Than the Job You Have Now

Rising organizations are enticing candidate with focused pay rates and 14 percent yearly raises. Cannabis is flourishing. Even without federal legalization, it’s become the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. job market. ZipRecruiter’s labor economist Julia Pollak recently told The New York Times that the company’s data suggests there is at least 200,000 — and perhaps as many as 300,000

Steps to Starting a Small Business

So you’re thinking about starting a business? Terrific. About 543,000 small businesses are started each month in the United States according to data from DocStoc. However, for those thinking about starting one, it’s often the mental hurdles that prevent you from forging ahead. Unanswered questions can get in the way of advancement. Am I ready to